Per Angusta Ad Augusta

We passionately design, develop and supply the broad range of the creative industries, with software and content solutions that make a positive impact on any level.


We aim our expertise towards the sectors of game development, film making, audio production and interactive arts. At the same time, our strong research and development department allows us to help cultivate proprietary solutions and provide solid consulting to any number of entertainment, academic or even newly developing companies and institutions.

Just like many of our beloved clients, we ourselves are a smooth blend of the creative, scientific and industrial! The tools and assets that we create are the very same that we would want to use within the industry.

Thus, providing you with top quality products and services is a given for us, as the very same level of perfection you require is one that we demand of ourselves and our creations!

The creative vision that we craft for you is always one that we feel empowers both our customers and the creative industries in its performance.

And finally, at MediaFlake Ltd, we do not consider ourselves a mere company, we are a community of creators and industry experts, but above all, we are a family! So don’t be shy, feel free to send us a message and introduce yourselves. The world is so small after all…


Combining our knowledge, technology and passion for the creative industries to forge the best in multi-disciplinary productions is and always will be the first thing we strive for.

In this way we will always be confident in the knowledge that we are enhancing the lives of people everywhere and empowering our clients for eons to come!

By maintaining the very latest in methodologies and standards in combination with our top of the line research and development, we steadily churn out a multiverse of products and services for the creative industries of tomorrow…today!