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We help organizations grow by creating a digital-first presence that clearly communicates their value proposition to their target audiences or enables them to shift resources in new sectors of higher yield

Who are our clients

Through the years, we offered our services to a diverse clientèle, from professional freelancers to small-to-medium businesses, and from industrial factories to institutions of higher education. We found from experience, that the size of an organization doesn’t matter, if the culture is right and the vision is shared among all stakeholders.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say about us

Working together with MediaFlake, is always a unique experience, because for everything related to the project (and not only) they always have a solution and an alternative view. They are valued collaborators with incredible skills of communication and a great team leader, Panos Kouvelis, which I believe is very talented and I always ask his opinion for a lot of things.

Leonidas PanagakosBusiness Development Manager, Solar Cells Hellas

MediaFlake is committed to innovation and excellence in their field of expertise. Being highly motivated, they provided valuable feedback and working with them has always been a very rewarding experience. If you want an inspiration boost, just talk to them! You'll get a glimpse of ideas ranging from novel to crazy! They always gets the job done and they are a very pleasant team to work with.

Dionisios KakolirisFounder and General Manager, Autofire.io

Mediaflake did an excellent job on creating the audio framework, tools, and content for the Darkfall Online series of MMORPGs. They exceeded our expectations.

Michael BelivanakisSoftware Engineer and Generalist, Aventurine S.A.

Awesome in all respects. A very good team with vast collective knowledge in many fields.

Konstantinos MitzithropoulosFounder and Audio Engineer, SRS Studios

I absolutely love working with the founder of MediaFlake, Panos Kouvelis. He makes my brain giggle.

Mariam KiouriFounder and General Manager, Urchin New Media

Panos Kouvelis and his team at MediaFlake, demonstrated exceptional communication skills, direct and effective troubleshooting and excellent working ethics, all in a friendly and yet very professional manner. Looking forward to working with them again.

Tasos ChronisFounder and Lead Game Producer, Roasted Chickpeas Gaming

Panos Kouvelis and his team at MediaFlake are extraordinary persons, with tons of knowledge and experience in digital media. Without hesitation, they literally can besiege you with it, as long as you ask for it. They are patient, contagious and tireless! But what really makes them stand out is their wide perception of a multitude of fields. Their ability to document their facts through various scientific fields is unique.

Orfeas ManolidisSound Designer, Freelancer

How we enable your growth

Your valuable products or services are a reflection of the people who made them and offer them. We reach down into the core of the human values that your products and services have by design, and help you cross the chasm of communicating them to your audience in a clear and concise manner. We also work with you, to understand your audience needs and adjust your offerings accordingly, or find new sectors that your offerings can return higher yield, and help you launch into those new territories with confidence.

Content Strategy

When you content is not consistent your brand suffers. From text, images, and video, down to fonts, web elements (buttons, sections, dividers) and everything in between, we work with you to create consistency that supports your brand’s identity and your organization’s marketing goals.

If you have greater needs, we can provide data modelling and content management on a large and ongoing scale. Create plans for content acquisition, archiving, reuse, and updates.

As an extension, we can work with you to design how your organization’s voice is represented in social media.

Information Architecture

We work with you to organize your information according to the logic of your audience. That way, we maximize the impact it has on the public and we increase its findability, accessibility, and absorption.

This starts as a core ontology and its taxonomies, and then extends as an application to your public websites, your intranet and any other channels, so you can easily manage content together with your colleagues, partners, or outsource collaborators, and communicate with a consistent presence with your audience.

As a result, the classification of your information will be ready to be used in any user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design efforts, on your websites, apps, and beyond.

Technical Writing

Writing is an essential part of human communication, and your literature should be the cornerstone of any communication you broadcast around your organization.

From intranet and technical manuals, to website copy and printed material, you should communicate with solid uniformity in harmony with your brand and values.

We work with you to develop fast-digestible material of any level, from your website’s literature and text elements, to public material, and from broad readership to specialized scientific research.

Media Development

The internet brought a revolution and a new information era, yet many organizations still rely on bad media choices that communicate bad quality through disharmony. In this sector we can help in the two major ways that many overlook.

Develop images, sound, animation, and video material, that not only follows your brand’s aesthetics, but also enhances them.

Help you create a production pipeline to enable to develop new material in the years to come, optimized for any use, and avoiding the substantial hidden costs of long run media development.

Production Design

Many organizations lose money, or even worse, lower their product or service’s quality, due to hidden defects in their pipelines, workflows, and protocols.

We take a holistic approach working both on digital and physical domains, to optimize your production pipeline, your production support methods and resources, and your production monitoring.

We can create a turn-key platform or enhance your own, and we can train your internal personnel, your outsource partners, and your administration, keeping everybody on the same level with a streamlined operation.

Instructional Design

We all enjoy the value in our lives created by the endless “Try → Learn → Teach → Repeat” process of humanity. But many organization cannot leverage the knowledge that have acquired through the years, not internally, neither publicly, because they lack the methodology and tools to manage, develop, and broadcast that knowledge. That way they lose opportunities like minimizing new personnel’s on-boarding costs, or the ever-growing need of consumers to learn and be creative.

We can help you develop the tools and methods to gather and manage your knowledge. That way even your business mistakes take new value as what-to-avoid examples for your colleagues.

We can help you develop a customer facing educational platform in digital and physical form, to retain old customers and attract new ones, by providing learning or e-learning experiences that help you promote your products and services, and create a positive culture of community around your brand.

Website Fabrication

For any communication or information effort to succeed, everything needs to lead to a single point of truth, the origin.

For most of the organizations, that is the website, the storefront of your business.

We can help you create a functional and informative website, or revise your old one, so that your audience has a central point of reference to fins any information regarding your products or services.

We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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