Digital Media Design and Engineering based on Knowledge and Intuition

We specialize in digital media production and technologies

For commercial, academic and scientific applications

Supporting organizations, institutes or individuals

We have an extensive experience in digital media production and technologies, fused with scientific methodology and a keen interest for information architecture.

Our goal is to help everyone that wants to create or communicate through vivid digital experiences, with a vast array of audiences.

Our project portfolio spans from helping organizations with brand design and brand awareness, to instructional design for educational institutes, and from software design and development, to media, the web, and robotics.

We can provide consulting, design, production, and training for your digital media needs and help you navigate your efforts with more focus and better results in this brave new digital world.


Expert solutions in product and information content specifications, aligned with your brand and mission.


Design and delivery of digital media communication solutions for companies and individuals.


Training, instructional design, experience and standards alignment, for educational institutes and private organizations.

Latest Articles

Explore our projects, case studies, client success stories, and news from us and the sector.


Launch of the SoundFellas Immersive Audio Laboratories

This post marks the launch of our internal sound design laboratories, focused on the science and art of interactive audio with main application sector the…

Retro Button app v1.0 released on the Apple Store

We already have a lot of research done on interactive audio for smartphones, so we thought of making something cool for our experiments. So we…

The game audio online communities initiative

Due to our own expertise on the sector of interactive audio and the progress of technologies in the field of videogame audio, we decided to…

Launch of the Blueface Games division

This is an internal division that focuses on entertainment software applications development. Created to support our own software projects. You can learn more at the…
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