Divisions grow like trees above the land, spreading endless branches

Following the tried and tested paradigm of ‘divide and conquer’ MediaFlake’s plethora of products and services span across subsidiary divisions. Peruse them on this page and feel free to follow their links to find out more about them.


SoundFellas is the Professional Immersive Audio Division of MediaFlake Ltd. The team consists of highly experienced professionals from the Creative Industries, specialized on Immersive Audio Technologies for Game Development and Advanced Audio Engineering for Post Production Applications.

The division’s focus focus is on Next-Gen Game Audio & Film Sound Content, Tools and Technologies. The team’s scientific background is based on Psychoacoustics and Computer Science with access to High-End Sound Laboratories and Equipment.

The division’s mission is to provide awesome Content, cutting edge Tools and legendary Services, that will make any project and business stand out.


Blueface Games is the Games and Apps Development Division of MediaFlake Ltd. The team consists of talented individuals from the sectors of creative media, digital entertainment and computer science, all working together in a calm and relaxed environment, creating fun and interesting ways to entertain the masses.

The division’s mission is to develop and provide the digital media industries with beautifully crafted products that not only entertain our audience but also enhance the entertainment experiences of its users. The fusion of art and science will be used to create sophisticated products that add the value of entertainment to the lives of our customers.