We already have a lot of research done on interactive audio for smartphones, so we thought of making something cool for our experiments.

So we released a simple free app that plays random sound effects that match the style of retro videogame sounds.

The app features many cutting-edge features under the hood, and it serves our own experimentation with interactive audio in popular commercial platforms, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Outside its geeky interior, it’s just a fun free app that plays one retro sound effect each time you press the big red button, reminding us from an era passed not so long ago, when arcade rooms full with coin-op videogames, entertained everybody.

The customer-facing feature is that the application can generate an endless number of sound effects by using procedural audio processing algorithms and a vast number of samples as source.

Our success comes from succeeding to deliver interactive audio with real-time digital signal processing, using minimal CPU and RAM resources, on many types of mobile devices.

We also collect data from the playback through various devices, which we add to our game audio mastering knowledgebase, that we use internally to serve clients with game audio mastering services.